Development - Product enhancements

  • Turn off overdue WR email sending process on Email Configuration setting page. 
  • Add Road ID column in Query Builder for Road module 
  • Validate length of short ID before saving in info form
  • Update GIS_length, True Length and Start_Distance Calibrate when running remap tool
  • Add no defect report

Issues- reported issues identified and resolved

  • Export file of "Distribute Purchase Cost for Selected Assets" Contain Asset Class ID instead of Asset Class Name
  • Distributed cost by Project id Export buttons not working
  • Issue with changing unit cost combination in utility line
  • Submit button is hidden when uploading multiple media for assets
  • Date time format is incorrect when exporting to spreadsheet for accounting reports
  • Filter didn't work in Component lookup table page after editing and saving twice
  • After saving road in info form, hierarchy data disappeared
  • Opening defect inspection lookup page for Road module threw null reference error
  • Extra Fields - The same Extra Fields Name displays multiple times in asset info form due to dirty data
  • Deleting extra fields selection values is not working
  • Main Roads Western Australia Export Includes Private Roads
  • Condition inspection trigger issue when pushing offline data
  • Uncheck checkbox extra field didn't save correctly

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