The purpose of this article is for the installation of QGIS. This article outlines the specific install files required in order for the AssetFinda tools to be compatible with the installation of QGIS. 

You can download the new toolbar here.


Step 1. Download OSGeo4W Installer 32 bit from this link, make sure the version is 3.4.4 (or greater)

Step 2. Open the installer then start it with Advanced Install.

Step 3. Keep clicking Next, select any URL, then continue with next until the Select Package page. Example below; *before selecting next read next 2 steps.

Step 4. Navigate to the Desktop section, pick QGIS

Note: Click on arrow sync icon to select

Step 5. Navigate to Libs, pick python3-pywin32 and python3-pyodbc

Step 6. Click Next until finish the installation.

***Installation of QGIS Complete, instructions for install of AssetFinda below***

Please contact AssetFinda support for assistance with the following steps

Step 7. Navigate to C:\OSGeo4W\apps\qgis\python\plugins,(it may differ based on your installation path, however, the \apps\qgis\python\plugins should be the same ) and create a new folder called qgisv4. Next, extract the new plugin folder you downloaded. Copy the files from inside of the folder and paste them into the qgis4 folder

Step 8.  Modify the setttings.ini file based on your database and server information

Step 9. Open QGIS3 then click on Plugins, Click on Manage and Install Plugins.. from drop-down list

Step 10. Tick AssetFinda V4 from Plugins list then you will see AssetFInda menu appears on the top bar.

NOTE:  We use the 32-bit version as the 64-bit has issues.