Development - Product enhancements

  • Implement the WA report

  • Improve the logic for asset import to Change the Condition_ID based on Condition_Index Value

  • Modify the condition index part in asset info form to enable a condition_index of 0 to be classified as N/A in condition grading scale

  • Update the last_condition_inspection and the last_media fields when using import/export tool

  • Modify the script for converting v3 defect inspections to works request to ensure asset is brought through

    Issues- reported issues identified and resolved

  • Version 4 defect media not loading
  • Query builder un-dispose large amount of selected assets causes a 500 internal error
  • Query builder show selection causes pagination issue
  • Version 4 - Gibson's Extra Field Issues
  • Inspector missing on condition inspection export
  • Fix CCTV module issues
  • Windows service stopped unexpected
  • Contract Claim
  • Condition index issues rectified
  • V4 Area/Schema and Service Types
  • Schedule of rates selection issue
  • Condition Inspection Importer for Utility_Point is not populating correct Component_id into the data table.
  • Setting Default Asset For Community
  • V4 Roads Id Issue
  • Road Chart labelling issue 
  • Asset - Info page - Condition Inspection - Media query wrong.
  • Calculate Condition Index issues
  • Deleting Condition Inspection Components